About GO-FOX


The launch of the Future of Conservation Survey in 2017 triggered a series of requests from conservation organisations to be able to use the survey as an internal tool to characterise the range of views within groups and organisations. In response to these requests, we have created the Group and Organisation Future of Conservation Survey (GO-FOX).

The GO-FOX tool allows the user to create their own unique version of the Future of Conservation Survey and distribute it to a closed group of respondents they are working with. Analysed survey results from this group are then made available to the GO-FOX user, who can then use them for the benefit of the group. Examples of how GO-FOX may be used include, but are not limited to:

  • Conservation NGOs wishing to generate discussion amongst their staff or members about their individual conservation viewpoints and how these relate to the work of the organisation. This could be done as part of a strategic planning process
  • Teachers in conservation courses who wish to use the tool to support learning about diverse perspectives in conservation and self-reflection of students on their own views

To get started, just register your GO-FOX account and start creating surveys!

Funding for GO-FOX has been received from the Cambridge Conservation Initiative Collaborative Fund, which is supported by the Arcadia Fund, and from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account at the University of Edinburgh. We are very grateful for the support of these donors.