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Give your views on conservation on a range of issues, see how you compare to others and contribute your views to shape future debates.

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The Future of Conservation Survey

There have long been debates regarding the future direction of biodiversity conservation, but these have tended to be dominated by a few powerful individuals.

This survey allows you to contribute your views, so that a broader range of voices can be taken into account. It will take just 15 minutes to complete, and at the end you will be presented with a graphical representation of your views and how they compare to others who have taken the survey.

We hope that you enjoy the survey and encourage you to share your experience by asking others to take part!

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Your responses will be kept anonymous, stored securely and will only be used for this project. See full details of ethics and data security.

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Group and Organisation Future of Conservation Survey (GO-FOX)

In response to demand, we have now launched a tool which allows you to create your own unique version of the Future of Conservation Survey and distribute it to a closed group of respondents you are working with. Analysed survey results from this group are then made available to you, to use for the benefit of the group. This can be used, for instance, to facilitate strategic planning within organisations, or to support teaching on contemporary conservation debates. Visit the About GO-FOX page for more details, or register now and start creating surveys!

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Research and publications

Data from the Future of Conservation survey have been used to identify the values held by conservationists, and how these relate to their backgrounds (such as nationality, educational background, or experience of different ecosystems). The first paper from this research has been published in Nature Sustainability. The Authors' Accepted Manuscript is also available open access We continue to carry out new analyses using data collected through this website, and aim to continue disseminating our findings amongst the conservation community.